About Open Mind Developments (OMD)

Why make products from crude oil when you can make them from plants?


At OMD, we stand for making products more sustainable to provide innovative alternatives to conventional products. Most importantly, we view business as a source for good by being socially and environmentally responsible. We focus on people, the planet and performance, while continually striving for excellence in all we do. We believe that when sustainable products become the new standard we will all be a little better off.


To leave the global campsite a little better than we found it.

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OMD is a proud member of 1% for the Planet and we donate at least 1% of our revenues to environmental non-profit groups, namely the Surfrider Foundation.


Innovation – We rethink everything from design to delivery and ask how we can make it more sustainable.  We know smart thinking, smart innovation and smart execution are necessities for sustainability.

Creativity – We happily and continually question the status quo and develop creative solutions to make things better. Just because something has been done one way in the past, doesn’t mean that it is the best way.

Transparency – We encourage openness within the OMD team and within our global community.  We intently listen to open and honest positive and negative feedback knowing that it makes us better.

Disrupt the Norm – It takes courage to disrupt traditional ways of thinking, challenge the status quo and make things better but someone has to do it and if its not us, then who?

Teamwork – We are team players on the global community team. We work together to help each other reach our personal goals, our company goals and our community goals.  We are better together.

Open Mind Developments is based out of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, where both Flaxstic™ and the Pela Case are developed and manufactured. OMD team members are located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and Vancouver, British Columbia.

 OMD’s Founder: Jeremy Lang

Jeremy has always looked at things and wondered if unnamedit might be possible to make them better.

He founded Open Mind Developments (OMD) to look at today’s problems with a creative and open mind to develop innovative solutions.

He has always loved spending time in nature, especially at the pristine lakes and forests in northern Saskatchewan. But it wasn’t until Jeremy had children that he became more conscious and focused on keeping the environment pristine so future generations can enjoy the outdoors the same way we have.

Jeremy did a lot of camping when he was a child and his dad always taught him to leave the campsite cleaner than he found it, so the next person can enjoy it too.  That life lesson had quite an effect on him, as now he is just trying to do his part to help keep the ‘global campsite’ a little cleaner.

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